Rigging Exchange


Wet Tech Rigging are proud to announce a partnership with Sail Exchange to launch the exciting Rigging Exchange project!

Utilising the Sail Exchange's proven platform for the recycling and re-purposing of sails, Wet Tech Rigging will be providing technical services tailored towards rope and running rigging, opening up a second hand marketplace enabling sailors of all budgets the opportunity to renew their sheets, halyards and running rigging for a fraction of the cost of new gear.

We are able to renew pre-used rope, utilising refurbishment techniques to give a new lease of life to lines that may have otherwise been garaged or put into landfill. This also enables customers to receive remuneration for their old lines, using the Sail Exchange valuation model. 

Send us a message and we would be happy to provide further details, or visit the Rigging Exchange online store to browse the current stock catalogue by clicking below: